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It may be in the 100s where you are.. or you may already be feeling the nip in the air at night. Either way, the dead of winter is not...

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Are Your Gas Logs Ready?

It may be in the 100s where you are.. or you may already be feeling the nip in the air at night. Either way, the dead of winter is not the time to begin thinking about whether your gas logs are ready to go.

If you have a quality set of gas logs from a reputable manufacturer and dealer, you have chosen one of the most attractive ways to efficiently bring ambiance and heat to your home. You have also opted for one of the lowest-maintenance heating appliances available. You've avoided the trips to the woodpile (along with the critters that make it their home). You've also avoided ash, soot, stains, allergens, sparks, and embers - not to mention all the wood-buying, cutting, and/or hauling. All that is usually required to keep your logs looking and working their best is a little TLC - once a year for most.

When you burn your logs, one of their most attractive features is that soothing yellow flame. It's unlike the flame you see on your stove, oven, water heater, etc. The dancing yellows and oranges are possible because the gas burns differently in your fireplace than it does on your stove. This difference leaves a little bit of carbon behind on your logs. You can see it as a fine powder that accumulates slowly on the log surface. The procedure for removing it is relatively simple - usually accomplished with little more than gloves, a small brush, and a box. Talk to us about the best options for cleaning your logs regularly. We can give you tips and show you some products that are available, making it even easier to maintain your investment. Or, we can come to you. Ask about our fall startup program; we'll take care of the cleaning and rearranging for you.

While you're in the fireplace, be sure and check your connections for leaks. It's also a great time to police the area, removing any stray trash and debris that may have made its way into your fireplace. Just a few minutes each year can help keep your logs running efficiently, safely, and attractively.

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